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General Information

Information and fashion go hand in hand in today's market.  Winning fashions are determined by delivering the right garment at the right time, the right place and at the right price.  Without effective information management, companies cannot hope to be effective suppliers in today's marketplace.

We provide a series of links to information sources covering an array of topics:

  • General information - including information on regulations, marketing and other topics
  • CAF/FCV Bulletin
  • Member-only newsletters - subscribe to different newsletters from the Canadian Apparel Federation
  • Seminars/Webinars and Workshops

General Information

The Canadian apparel industry produces a wide range of apparel products for domestic and foreign markets. Our vision for th eindustry success can be summarized as follows:

  • Innovating to move to higher value-added products and more efficient, more flexible and lower-cost manufacturing processes.  This includes moving aggressively to build the capacity of Canadian firms in areas such as product development, sourcing, marketing, and supply-chain management.
  • Identifying niche production and marketing opportunities for our firms.
  • Identifying and accessing new export markets, as well as supporting sales in our major  export market, the United States.

Where to get more info

Information Details Source
Trade statistics Import/export statistics available on Trade Data Online Industry Canada
Key Importers database Publicly accessible database of key importers by product. Strategis
Sales and marketing Data – CAF market reports The Canadian Apparel Federation distributes market reports on the Canadian apparel market. Available in different formats and prices.  Data prepared by Trendex North America. CAF Bookstore
Industry statistics Employment, shipments and other relevant statistics. Strategis
Sub-sectoral profiles Statistical profiles of different sub-sectors of the industry

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