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The National Apparel Bureau (NAB) is an industry-specific credit bureau created to meet the needs of suppliers to the North American apparel market, first and foremost by providing the most current credit information available on Canadian fashion retailers. Our entire business is designed to serve the needs of the apparel industry, assisting firms dealing with the day to day issues inherent to selling clothing retailers.

Most of our information comes from our members - apparel vendors. Aging information is provided confidentially via electronic submission on a monthly basis. NSF, collection activity, legal action and insolvencies are also reported by members, non-members, industry professionals and through other resources. We provide four key services

  1. A fully integrated dashboard interface through which our members can retrieve credit reports, launch and respond to inquiries and keep immediately abreast of the information being reported by other members and the team at NAB.
  2. An email bulletin service summarizing weekly collections and financial issues as well as a quarterly insolvency bulletin and a flash bulletin when the news just can’t wait until the end of the week.
  3. A live consultation service on credit issues as well as insolvency
  4. A full insolvency service from the filing of our members’ claims to representation at meetings, to following up on the proceedings themselves.
We also offer group industry credit meetings by teleconference, support on industry issues and trade / bank reference verification.  NAB reports are endorsed by Export Development Canada (EDC).

No other credit bureau in Canada provides this much timely information and support. CAF members in good standing receive a 15% discount on the cost of NAB membership. For information download the NAB brochure or contact David Schachter - 514-483-6223 x239 / david@acaollect.com



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