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SGS Canada Inc. Consumer Testing Services

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SGS offers a wide range of services to the softlines and accessories industry, at every stage of the value chain. We help to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of these products, and their mode of distribution, to satisfy regulatory requirements as well as the demands of the market. The softlines and accessories sector comprises:

Textiles and clothing Shoes (and other footwear) Bags and accessories Jewelry Linens and towels

Due to the diverse nature of the industry, there are multiple manufacturers, suppliers and other actors along the supply chain. We can assist every player in this market, with services that can help you meet the requirements of regulators, distributors, retailers and consumers.

Thanks to our global network, we are able to provide our services to you and/or your suppliers wherever you are based and irrespective of the ultimate destination for your product(s).

SGS offers a wide range of services to the textile, clothing,footwear,jewelry, bags and accessories sector of the softlines and accessories industry. By helping you comply with national and international regulatory requirements, including CPSIA (America’s Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008), we ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of your products. Since consumers are constantly in close contact with textiles and clothing, the need for safety and quality is paramount. Thanks to our global network and expertise, we can help you satisfy such demands – plus others, including minimal environmental impact (e.g. compliance with REACH, the European Union’s regulation covering the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemicals) – wherever you and your suppliers are based.

Our services include:

Audits and certification CPSIA Eco-design Inspection REACH Testing Training Recycling Verification Organic Cotton Verification Vegan Verification Microfiber Verification


Primary Contact: Arjun Parmar

6755 Mississauga Road, Suite 204
Mississauga, ON
Canada L5N 7Y2

Téléphone: (905) 5956752
Télécopieur: 905 364 0343


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