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Natis Design is the textile brand for Early Chilhood Education. Natis offers essential and innovative textile equipment specially made for daycare providers, preschools, primary schools, childcare, day camps and other specialties. . Our passion for early childhood combined with our expertise in product development in the world of children’s clothing & accessories enable us to offer an original, versatile, fun, safe & superior quality assortment. Our global vision allows us to adapt your needs with the market reality and think outside the box to offer products that will match your requirements. We consider that the environment required for early childhood must meet specific needs: security, versatility and easy to use. Operation costs of a Centre for early Childhood are high which is why our sustainable accessories become an important asset to ensure the longevity of your equipment and increase savings. At Natis, we understand daycare operations and are constantly aware of any changes in the the regulation and the environment. Example of products: Kids pinnies, walking ropes, nap mats, nap mats sheets, crib sheets, daycare bags, bibs, diy aprons and much more.
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