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WEBINAR: Update on Importing Apparel from Least Developed Countries

November 29, 2016, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Join the Canadian Apparel Federation and Canada Border Services Agency for an update on the Least Developed Countries Program, and discussion of how the program is monitored by Canadian customs officials.

Since the introduction of the Market Access Initiative for the Least Developed Countries in 2003 many apparel importers have claimed preferential tariff treatment under the General Preferential Tariff and Least Developed Country Tariff (LDCT). The LDC program provides preferential market access to products manufactured in LDCs.  Historically countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia have made significant gains in the Canadian market.  

Importations have been subject to an audit by Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). 
This presentation will be covering the following topics:
  1. Overview  of the Market Access Initiative for the Least Developed Countries
  2. Rules of Origin for apparel and how to apply them
  3. Understand the requirements of the rules of origin
  4. Supporting documentation CBSA Auditors require, audit process

Who should attend:
Import managers from companies currently importing from Least Developed Countries or companies considering to do so.


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