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CGSB reviewing standards for apparel and textiles

by CAF, posted on 7:27 AM, November 3, 2010
The CGSB is proposing to withdraw a number of outdated apparel standards.

The Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) has circulated to the Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF) a list of Canadian voluntary standards applicable to clothing and textiles which are slated to be withdrawn/retired in the near future.  These standards deal with a number of specific textiles and apparel products.  In most cases these standards have not been updated for as much as twenty years, and are rarely purchased from the CGSB.

Most of the standards relate to workwear and institutional garments, and deal with dimensions and other production specifications.  Any company that has concerns regarding the retirement of these standards should relay their comments to the CAF -

Any company wanting to review the full list of standards set to be retired can download the list here.  For any questions relating to this process, contact Robert Long at the CGSB -

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