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Canadian Government tables Draft RFP for major Defence Contract

Draft RFP for Operational Clothing and Footwear Consolidated Contract (OCFC2) published
posted on 9:31 AM, June 27, 2016
Firms have until August 5, 2016 to comment on major contract for defence operational clothing and footwear.

The Canadian Government has tabled a Draft Request for Proposals for the Operational Clothing and Footwear Consolidated Contract (OCFC2).  This Draft RFP outlines the scope of the consolidated contract under which the Canadian Armed Forces will procure a large percentage of the operational clothing and footwear needed by Canadian military. Links to the RFP text below:

 The contract consolidates a number of previously separate contracts.  The RFP identifies 87 products which will be included in this contract  - they are divided into the following groups:

  • Group 1 – CADPAT Apparel
  • Group 2 – Non-CADPAT Apparel
  • Group 3 – Badges, Nameplates and Insignias
  • Group 4 – Footwear
  • Group 5 - Soldiers Personnel Equipment

At an earlier stage the list of products was much larger, totalling 271 items.  

According to the Government the objective of this consultation is to obtain feedback from industry to improve the actual RFP. Industry is invited to provide comments and suggestions on any part of the draft RFP.  These points are outlined in the introduction.  The deadline for comments is: August 5, 2016.

While the contract is large - over 300 pages, interested parties may want to focus on several sections:

  1. The overall Canadian content requirements for different products are outlined in Annex A- Mandatory requirements certificate(page 208 in the PDF version of the contract).
  2. The items that are part of the contract are identified in APPENDIX 1 of ANNEX B – Line Item Unit Cost (page 158 of the PDF document).

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