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ATSC 2020 Trade Show: Coronavirus Update

by John Banker, Apparel Textile Sourcing, posted on 1:19 PM, March 9, 2020

As a follow up to the global update sent March 6 regarding Apparel Textile Sourcing trade shows, this update specifically pertains to our 2020 events in Canada. 

ATS Events in Toronto Aug 17-19 and in Montreal on Aug 21 are scheduled to take place, as planned.  We will maintain close contact with the convention center, Global Affairs Canada, the Canadian Apparel Federation and numerous other friends and partners. The news is changing daily.  As none of us know what August will bring, we can only be optimistic at this point.

We are making great strides to offer more and more digital solutions. Our online trade platforms for sourcing wholesalers and manufacturers , and,  already host a majority of our supplier base. In the coming weeks, we are even exploring a virtual solution to bring exhibitions to you in a very innovational way. While nothing can take away from the feel of textile and garments, we all must work together in an effort to keep commerce and trade thriving while placing the safety of our attendees first.

Our survey last week (attached) received over 300 responses in two days from ATS attendees and exhibitors and showed the overwhelming need for continued sourcing, for attending ATS events, and for participating more in virtual means to reach those they may not be able to meet at the event directly.  We are committed to keeping our community updated and informed.  Count on us to keep close eye on transpiring events related to travel and health. 

ATS-Canada, held this year at Toronto Congress Centre, will host a Canadian Apparel Federation member-group for their quarterly meeting, as well as pavilions of Made-in-Canada, Made-in-USA, and feature a Canadian Trends Lounge and a greater-than-ever focus on the ATS Canadian VIP Experience.    

Through the end of February, ATSC 2020 has more than double the registered attendees of ATSC 2019 at the same weeks out, and nearly triple ATSC 2018.  We anticipate 3500-4000 attendees, largely Canadian and mostly from Ontario and Quebec. 

Internationally, we have received larger orders of booths from India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan compared to all previous four ATS Canada events.  We expect more than 250 manufacturers of apparel and textiles from over 20 countries and regions.

The need for sourcing apparel and textiles is not changing. The demand for alternatives is at an all-time high.   Near-sourcing.  Smaller MOQ’s.  Western Hemisphere focus.  Latin America.  Made-in-Canada. Made-in-USA.   These will all be areas of focus in 2020 at ATS events.  We look forward to seeing you all in 2020.  Please reach out direct with your feedback, comments or concerns.  

Thank you,

John Banker
Group Show Director
Apparel Textile Sourcing Trade Shows

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