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Director, Chemicals & Materials Sustainability - Lululemon

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Production
Province: Vancouver, British Columbia
Position: Director, Chemicals & Materials Sustainability
Deadline: September 30, 2019
Posted: August 22, 2019

Job Description / Duties

As Director, Chemicals & Materials Sustainability you hold a key role in catalyzing positive impact for today and the future, through our chemicals management and vendor environmental strategies.

You will be expected to deliver a strong vision and execution strategy for tackling challenges relating to global chemical regulations, public campaigns, guest or media inquiries, restricted substances, wastewater quality, chemicals management in the supply chain, and other environmental impacts in manufacturing.

You bring experience, leadership, systems thinking and creativity to lead cross-functional partners in creating and interpreting strategy and roadmaps. You easily identify and prioritize opportunities, and know how to translate to high-value and implementable strategies, and execute effectively.

With the VP Global Quality and VP Global Sustainability, you engage at all levels of partner functions, including Raw Materials, Sourcing, Design, Retail, Merchandising, Whitespace, Production, and Strategy+New Ventures, among others.


- Business integration + systems + processes

- Overarching sustainability program vision + roadmap

- Strategic materials + strategic vendors + sourcing strategy

- Vendor implementation strategy

- Guest needs/requirements + inclusion of key priorities


- Better Chemistry + environmental strategy + single voice to vendors + internal teams

- Vendor environmental strategy + direction

- High priority chemicals + Better Chemistry strategy

- Restricted substances + testing requirements

- Confidence in the safety + environmental sustainability of our products

Key Responsibilities

- Leading vision, strategy and roadmap creation for Chemicals and Vendor Environmental Sustainability, for positive impact and value to lululemon and society, in collaboration with VPs, team and functional leaders.

- Executing on that strategy and associated commitments by leading self and team members, influencing cross-functional partners, and holding all accountable.

- Working with Materials and Design teams to evaluate sustainability claims on processes and materials claiming new product sustainability attributes, functions and effects

- Scouting for new processes and materials to enable lululemon to reimagine the product supply chain in a way that shrinks the environmental footprint of our business.

- Predicting, and assessing chemical and environmental related risks both from public perception and legislative action and trends, and taking action to prevent, manage or mitigate them.

- Using your subject matter expertise and industry network to provide expert information on Sustainable/Green Chemistry and toxicology.

Influencing external stakeholders such as brands, vendors and trade associations to move toward a common goal.

- Building targets and measurement systems. Guide development of those systems that will Ensure timely reporting that to enable decision-making to achieve ambitious internal goals, including internal and vendor facing scorecards, seasonal dashboards and forecasts, and other reporting. Evolve measures and targets to include tracking of actual impact (e.g. water, chemicals).

- Ensure tools, education, & system evolution to integrate chemicals & environmental impact into business functions. Offer leading practice and technical expertise to accelerate positive progress.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Job Requirements

• Strong background in chemistry, and environmental science, along with experience working in textiles/apparel industry. Master’s degree in chemistry or environmental science preferred.

• Minimum 10 years of experience working with major businesses to implement chemistry or environmental programs

• Viewed as an industry expert (5-10 years experience) in green chemistry

• Demonstrated ability (10+ years experience) to leverage external partners

• Demonstrated (10+ years experience) strategy development, planning and operational execution

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