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Webinar: Powering Business Transformation with PLM

March 28, 2018, 2:00 - 3:00 PM

Eastern Time

Developing products requires information from many sources and teams located across different locations; design, retail, merchandising, development, fit, production, logistics, sales and more. Making great products with spreadsheets and email is time-consuming and stressful. There’s a better way! It’s PLM!

PLM is the backbone technology that drives product-related activities from concept to retail. PLM reduces errors and costs while speeding time to market resulting in streamlined operations and better collaboration to drive business growth. It also makes work life less crazy!

Watch our webinar and learn the basics of PLM - line planning, calendar management, materials management, quality management, and more.  Our experts will provide real-life success stories of how Canadian fashion brands reduced time and costs, speeding time to market and unleashing creativity.

Presented by:

Jason Lyons, Account Executive Canada
Centric Software

Christina Riccio, Senior Pre-Sales Consultant
Centric Software

Who should attend:


Sourcing, Supply Management, IT, Merchandiser, Design, Product Development, Finance, Production, Quality.

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