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Operations, Production, Quality Control

This is the ultimate book for garment industry professionals. Whether you are buyer, a supplier or working to develop an export-garment industry in your home country unless you’ve read this book, you’re probably not working with the lowest cost.
by Carolyn L. Moore, Kathy K. Mullet, Margaret B. Prevatt Young
©2008, 240 pp., Softcover, Spiral Bound, 8.5x11 (978-1-56367-697-0)

Last man standing may well be an accurate description of the steps that we must take to survive the current downturn. Everything depends on how fast the players understand that the rules of survival have changed.
A reference source for all quality control departments. In addition to teaching the basics, this volume covers the usage, quality aspects, and comparisons of textiles for various end-uses. The ideal primer for quality control personnel. Chapters include: The Textile Industry; Fiber Characteristics; Natural and Manufactured Fibers; Yarns and Sewing Threads; Woven Fabrics; Knitted Fabrics; Other Types of Textiles; Textile Dyeing; Textile Printing; Textile Finishing; Care and Renovation of Textiles; Textiles for Interiors; Analysis of Fabrics; Fabric Performance Testing; Guide to Fabric Selection; Textile Laws and Regulations. 515 pp., illustrated, three-ring binder
by Steven Stipelman
©2011, 480 pp., softcover | 8.5 x 11 (978-1-56367-830-1)
This beautifully illustrated text provides a step-by-step approach to drawing the basic fashion figure, identifying the elements of a garment, and discussing the various techniques used to render fashion illustration.

Introduces the different step-by-step approaches of drawing the basic fashion figure and presents the history of garments combined with drawing techniques. 416 pp., hard cover
This balanced, practical book is an essential tool for smaller companies looking to start in the trade or review their operations step-by-step. The book also includes numerous worksheets, tables and examples that make it especially practical. There is no better primer for new start-up companies.
The second edition of The Spec Manual provides fashion professionals and students with a comprehensive guide for measuring garments using standard industry practices. This textbook/workbook contains front and back view croquis for women, off sizes, men, juniors, and children; spec sheet templates; illustrated measurement points; tables with measurement points; and a CD-ROM. Users with either beginning or advanced digital skills will learn how to create computer-generated spec sheets.
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