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TNX-2018 Canadian Apparel Yearbook 2018 -Trendex North America

Trendex has published its annual compendium of statistics and insights for the Canadian apparel market. 

Included in this year’s 2018 Canadian Apparel Yearbook is a summary of all Statistics Canada’s annual information that relates to the apparel industry for the period 2013-2018. In addition, the 2018 Yearbook contains a one-page profile of every U.S. and Canadian publicly held retailer who details their Canadian apparel sales, along with a listing of all major apparel specialty chains in Canada. Updated information is also included as it relates to Canadian apparel e-commerce, the influence of foreign apparel retailers in Canada and the Luxury apparel market. A forecast covering the 2018-2022 total Canadian apparel market is also detailed.

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