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Government Relations and Advocacy

The Canadian Apparel Federation's lobbying and government relations activities pay off for our members, and the industry as a whole.

We work closely with federal government departments and agencies to further the industry's agenda. These activities also provide important information about government initiatives that we pass on to members. We do this so that members can understand the implications of government regulations and trade policy and make better business decisions.

Our frequent involvement with policy makers means that we know who looks after what in government. When you are looking to solve a particular problem, just ask us and we'll identify the right person to answer your questions, saving you the time and effort of tracking someone down yourself.

The Canadian Apparel Federation's ongoing lobbying efforts have secured substantial benefits for the industry.  In recent years tangible results have included:
  • Reduced duties paid on imported textiles.  Annual savings total over $100 million; achieved through the establishment of an ongoing reference at the Canadian International Trade Tribunal and provisions lobbied for and included in the 2010 federal budget.
  • Revisions to the rules governing the allocation of export quota (TPL) for apparel exported to the USA;
  • Creation of federal CATIP program;
  • Federal government support for export marketing initiatives;
  • Forcefully argued the industry's case concerning revisions to Textile Labelling Act requiring factory disclosure.
  • Sought and received the removal of import permits in 2005, with savings of tens of millions of dollars to importers of raw materials and finished goods.
  • Successfully overturned proposed changes to the Upholstered and Stuffed Articles regulations in Ontario that would have imposed tens of millions of dollars in compliance costs on the industry.
For further information contact CAF Executive Director, Bob Kirke - bkirke@apparel.ca. 

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