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Partnership Opportunities

The Canadian Apparel Federation (CAF) offers a variety of opportunities for potential industry partners. We have existing programs in place with a number of key firms and are continually seeking opportunities to develop new partnerships. Having such programs in place is more important than ever, allowing us to find innovative new ways to fulfill our mandate of promoting industry interests and encouraging growth. 

As the national association for the Canadian apparel industry, we are in a unique position to help you connect with an established network of industry professionals across the supply chain. Most importantly, collaborating with CAF highlights your active engagement with the industry’s growth and communicates your unique position in the marketplace as a top supplier with industry-specific expertise.


Web Advertising: www.apparel.ca

Advertising on our website is the top level way of promoting your engagement with CAF and the industry as a whole. CAF offers a regular presence and sponsorship recognition in the form of leaderboard and banner advertisements. We have full analytics for the site, which allow us to continually measure and improve the delivery of information. We offer exclusive leaderboard ads to a limited number of companies on an annual basis, as well as internal banner ads that are displayed in rotation.

Newsletter: The CAF Bulletin

Our most popular communications channel is the CAF Bulletin, our opt-in newsletter. This is the simplest way of getting your message out to a receptive audience of over 5,000 industry subscribers in Canada and the U.S. We work closely with advertisers to ensure that ads are formatted to generate the greatest impact, fully coordinated with other activities. You may run your ad in consecutive issues or spread the campaign over several months. For more information, please refer to our Rate Sheet.


CAF Webinars are an efficient and practical tool to promote your company’s offerings on a national scale. More than 1,500 leading executives attended CAF’s various webinars over the past year. Some sessions are presented by CAF staff or other leading experts. You may either lead your own presentation or sponsor a pre-existing webinar in your area of interest. For more information, please refer to our Webinar Planner and Information Sheet.

Workshops and Events

CAF is continually seeking partners with specific areas of expertise, to develop events targeting the apparel industry. Interest is growing for events relating to professional development, including career fairs, trade shows and workshops. In 2018 we held our inaugural Apparel & Fashion Career Fair and Expo, which received an overwhelming amount of support from both attendees and industry. Events are heavily promoted through all of our communications channels, to a highly targeted audience of industry professionals.

Other Programs: Contact Us

We have additional partnership programs in place with a small number of key firms – all of whom have a clear and direct stake in the apparel sector. We are open to discussing new arrangements. Please contact us to discuss potential partnership opportunities specific to your company.

Please contact CAF’s Executive Director Bob Kirke at bkirke@apparel.ca if you are interested in any of these partnership opportunities, or if you have any ideas for additional partnership projects specific to your company. We would be happy to discuss options and get the ball rolling.

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